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Eagle Drone Imaging

Resort and Promotional Videos


Drones provide an amazing bird's eye vantage point allowing a "heightened  experience" of venues and vistas. Below enjoy some spectacular footage taken on the outer, less traveled islands of the Bahamas!  The "Amazing Vacation" video was an informal, fun, video documentary that gives the viewer a less conventional, but more realistic vantage point of their  "user experience" at the resort. Fernandez Bay Village Resort links people to the YouTube Video on their Facebook page with over 1200 views.


Please visit our Vimeo site to view more videos:


Also check out YouTube:


Photo Spheres and Virtual Tours


Aerial Photo Spheres are typically created by flying the drone approximately 100 feet above the ground and then acquiring images about every 30 degrees as the drone is rotated at multiple camera angulations. A typical study could include anywhere from 42 images to over several hundred if we use auto-exposure bracketing to increase the dynamic range of the images. The images are first processed to correct exposure, combined if applicable for high dynamic range, and then are overlaid together using a software program to stitch the images into a complete panoramic or spherical representation of the site. Multiple Photo Spheres can be linked to create a virtual tour of the region. Other information can also be linked spatially within this environment including photos, videos, 3D models and sounds.

This data can also be displayed and viewed within Virtual Reality (VR) environments to provide a totally immersive experience.


On the right are three examples of Photo Spheres:


-  The first Photo Sphere  is the national guard training site where three different Photo Spheres are combined to provide a virtual tour of the simulated disaster site. Links are also spatially provided to 3D models of the site.


-  The second Photo Sphere is at a golf course in southern NH during the fall. This has three Photo Spheres linked together and also a video fly through down the fairway. The fall colors were absolutely magnificent !!


-  The third Photo Sphere is at a farm and apple orchard in southern NH. This is a single angulation panoramic image that used auto-exposure bracketing to create a high dynamic range (HDR) Photo Sphere.  The foliage in this image is also amazing !!.


To interact within the Photo Sphere:

- Hold down the left mouse button and move the mouse sideways or up and down


-Use the mouse wheel to zoom in and out


-Link to other Photo Speres within the space by clicking on the icons in field of view.


-If viewed on a Tablet or Smart Phone, use the menu selections found on the upper right to toggle on VR interaction by moving your device or to create the dual images to view with VR goggles.



PLEASE also visit our Kuula and Roundme Panoramic Imaging sites for more Photo Sphere experiences with more up-to-date projects.






Other Photography Projects


Gunstock, Gilford, NH


Stone Brook Hill Farm, Gilford NH


Holiday Bay Condo, Laconia NH


Mapping and Modeling


Terrain contour maps are created by flying the drone approximately 150 feet above ground level over the site in an automated bi-directional grid with slight camera angulation. Several hundred of the acquired images  are combined using software with a computer mapping algorithm to produce  color-mapped three-dimensional models representing the terrain surface.


The drone can also be used as a large-format surface scanner to create 3-D models of  buildings or structures.  The drone is flown around the structure and gathers images from multiple angles to allow triangulation of surface features and create a color-mapped three-dimensional surface model.


The first two models on the right were taken at a National Guard  facility where training exercises for disaster procedures and management  are conducted. Our intent was to demonstrate an advanced situational awareness platform for disaster management.  We flew the drone over an approximately 7 acre area to first construct the terrain model. We next flew the drone as a surface scanner to acquire and synthesize 3D models of structures such as the rubble pile, cars,  bus and helicopter  simulated crashes, as well as the exterior and partial interior of a building structure. This data, combined with the Photo Spheres presented below and live video feeds from the drone and head mounted cameras provided expanded situational awareness for the incident commander coordinating the training exercises.


The second set of models provides the terrain of farm land and an apple orchard in southern NH. The first model provides an overview of the land composition and contour. The second model provides a detailed three-dimensional representation of a small barn on the site to demonstrate the capabilities of this system.


To interact with the models:

  -left mouse button to rotate the view

  -shift and left mouse button to pan

  -mouse wheel to zoom.


You can interact and view the model from any position and orientation.


Check out other 3D models on our SketchFab page:


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